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a)    Milestones (Major Achievements over the last 3 years)

  • Have, over the last 3 years installed Solar Lighting Systems in nine (9) primary schools, directly benefiting over 10,000 pupils and twice the number indirectly.
  • In collaboration with JKUAT University, have trained over 100 Community Resource persons (CRPs) on Aloe Vera farming, processing and post harvesting handling. This group is in turn serving the well over 10,000 individual members spread out in all the 19 affiliate CBOs and SHGs.
  • Have over the last 3 years trained and sourced for markets for African sisal baskets for over 2,000 of our Women members.
  • In collaboration with Humans helping Humans (a US based NGO, have over the last 2 years given micro loans to 80 of our members involved in small business enterprises.
  • Have constructed 5water sand dams and 2 rock catchments for community use and also for irrigating tree nurseries and aloe Vera farms.

Have over the last 4 years initiated and supported our members in planting over350,000 indigenous trees and over 500,000 exotic ones, thereby making one of our CBOs the 2007 Gold Winner of the Total Echo-Challenge national competition on environmental conservation in Kenya.


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Post harvest processing of orphaned crops

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Mango farming and post harvest managment

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Climate change mitigation & adaptation

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Capacity Building

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Market Linkages



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