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Vision and Mission

Ownership and Governance:

RISE Kenya is owned by its constituent CBOs / SHGs through their leadership. It has an International Advisory Board and a local board. The International Advisory Board is mainly strategic, while the local board is the one which gives policy guidelines and oversees the day today implementation of projects and programmes. The CEO sits in the two boards.

RISE day- to- day operations are carried out by a team of 7 full time staff, headed by   a CEO, 2 programme managers, 3 programme officers, a programme accountant and 46 volunteer, Community Resource Persons.
Over-all Goal:
To assist the community develop their capacity so that they are in turn able to fight their own poverty, famine, HIV/AIDs, environmental degradation and low standards of education through alternative sources of sustainable livelihood, Social Enterprises and Knowledge diffusion.
Our Vision:
A socially and economically empowered community
Our Mission:
To work with the local community in identifying, prioritizing, and implementing sustainable social and economic issues through the use of locally available resources, alternative sources of livelihoods, social enterprise development models and capacity development.
Our Core Activities:
  • Installation of Solar Lighting Systems in Schools.
  • Aloe farming, processing,packaging and marketing.
  • Mango farming, improvement of mango species, processing and marketing.
  • Mitigation against Climate Change.
  • Water harvesting /soil conservation.
  • CBO /SHG based agro-forestry farming / tree planting.
  • Micro loans and small business enterprise development.
  • Weaving of assorted sisal baskets.
  • Overcoming stigma against HIV/ AIDs.
  • Human development through training / knowledge diffusion.


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Post harvest processing of orphaned crops

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Mango farming and post harvest managment

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Climate change mitigation & adaptation

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Capacity Building

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Market Linkages



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